The fascination of the mountains or the adventure to challenge yourself

The terrain, the possibilities and the conditions of the Kaunertal mountain world – in short: the wild beauty of this rugged mountain world, attracts mountain enthusiasts from all over the world. Already in the 19th century the Kaunertal was known and loved as an alpine region, especially by the English. Climbing summits, crossing glaciers, crossing valleys via Jöcher – they are all touching experiences with wonderful moments and views. A guided mountain tour with an expert can become an adventure of self-awareness and self-knowledge, where the magic of the mountains continues to work for a long time.

State-certified mountain guide of the glacier and nature park region Kaunertal

Through careful training, as well as many years of experience in alpine terrain, we guarantee unforgettable mountain experiences. We would be happy to accompany you on your personal experience, be it in summer or winter, be it a high alpine tour, a climbing tour or a leisurely snowshoe hike.

The following courses are offered through the experts:

  • Ski tours
  • Snowshoe hiking
  • Ice climbing
  • Alpine climbing
  • alpine tours and summit experiences
  • Trekking and hiking

Kaunertal Mountain Guide

Simon Möst / Reinhold Plankensteiner / Andreas Penz / Mathias Ragg
Vergötschen 6524 Kaunertal, Tel.: +43 664 4721100

Sima Alpin

Mathias Ragg / Simon Möst
Sima Alpina Feichten 6524 Kaunertal, Österreich Tel.: +43 664 250 1408

Mountain guide Karl Praxmarer

Praxmarer Karl
Unterhäuser 79 6524 Kaunertal, Österreich Tel.: +43 5475 226

Well informed on and around the slopes

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