Ski touring park at Fendels Winter Mountain

Ski touring on secured slopes becomes more and more attractive. That is why we have a clear guidance system at Fendels Winter Mountain that marks the optimal and safest ascent lane in the area. With the ski touring park, we want to enable all our winter sports enthusiasts and visitors a varied and safe stay.
The marked routes of the ski touring park enable people to work together on our slopes and facilities with mutual understanding and consideration.

Ascent route 1 - Fendler Alm

  • Start: Top station cable car Ried-Fendels
  • End: “alte” Fendler Alm
  • Height Difference: 1,393 m – 1,970 m (577 hm)
  • Lenght: 4.5 km
  • Ascent time: 1.0 – 1.5 h

Character and description

The starting point is directly at the mountain station of the Ried-Fendels cable car and leads to the right in the direction of the “Tellerlift”. You cross this lift and continue along the marked ascent track, which leads along the former 4a slope. After leaving the forest path behind you, you walk along a wonderfully situated mountain meadow, past wooden huts, before you turn into the forest onto a hiking trail. With a leisurely ascent, it goes over the hiking trail to the “old” Fendler Alm.

The descent takes place along the forest path to the Sattelklause restaurant. This path flows into the north run.

Ascent route 2 - Sattelklause

  • Start: Top station cable car Ried-Fendels
  • End: Restaurant Sattelklause
  • Height Difference: 1,393 m – 1,874 m (481 hm)
  • Lenght: 2 km
  • Ascent time: 1.0 – 1.5 h

Character and description

The ascent route starts at the mountain station of the Ried-Fendels cable car. The initially very flat ascent increases in intensity in the course of the ascent and reaches its maximum gradient halfway.
The route ends directly at the restaurant Sattelklause.

You can make the descent via the “Nordabfahrt” back to the starting point of the ski tour.

Ascent route 3 - Ochsenkopf

  • Start: Top station cable car Ried-Fendels
  • End: Ochsenkopf
  • Height Difference: 1,393 m – 2,153 m (760 hm)
  • Lenght: 4 km
  • Ascent time: 1.5 – 2 h

Please note:
The ascent route leads mostly over the free ski area. Pay attention to the avalanche and snow situation.

Character and description

You start at the slope “Hammer 1”. The first part of the ascent track leads along the slope to the top station of the Hammerlift. From here you leave the secured ski area and come to a wide forest path. The further ascent route is well signed with yellow hiking trail signs. The ascent route continues along a beautiful hiking trail to a shepherd’s hut. Above the hut, you follow the sign “Ochsenkopf-Fendler Alm Abkürzung”, turn right and hike along this trail to the Ochsenkopf.

You can make the descent either along the ascent lane or, in very safe conditions, over the open area next to the Plangger-Nord descent.

Slope ski tours in the evening

You can go slope ski tours every Friday evening at Fendels Wintern Mountain. The floodlight system is only switched on for ski tourers on the north run that evening. The Sattelklause mountain restaurant is also open and is a worthwhile way to end the evening touring by the fireplace.

Night ski touring at Fendels Winter Mountain

  • every friday during winter season
  • from 7.00 to 10.00 p.m. the floodlights of the north run are switched on
  • the mountain restaurant Sattelklause is open til 10.00 p.m.

Slope ski touring - safe and fair at Fendels Winter Mountain

You are also on the slopes and off piste with self responsibility on the way. Alpine dangers, especially the avalanche danger, must be assessed yourself.
Emergency equipment (first aid kit, avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel) must always be carried.
Ski slopes are primarily available to users of cable cars and lifts.

In order to avoid accidents and conflicts, we ask you to observe the following recommendations in addition to the FIS rules of conduct:

  • Observe warning notices and local regulations.
  • Obey the closure of a slope or a part of it. The use of PistenBullys, especially with cable winches, or avalanche explosions, etc. can lead to life-threatening situations. For safety reasons, slopes can therefore be closed for the * Only climb one after the other at the edge of the slope.
  • Cross the slope only in clear places and with sufficient distance to each other.
  • Only drive on freshly groomed slopes in the edge area. Tracks frozen in overnight can severely impair the quality of the slopes.
  • Leave the slopes after 4:00 pm.
  • Make yourself visible. Use a headlamp, reflective clothing, etc. in the dark or in poor visibility.
  • Only use marked ascent routes/slopes.
  • Do not take dogs onto the slopes.
  • Use the parking areas at the valley station of the Ried-Fendels cable car.

Well informed around and on the slopes

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