Numbers, facts & milestones

Company history
Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen GmbH

The Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen GmbH operates two ski areas: the Kaunertal Glacier and the Fendels ski area. After 1 ½ years of construction the lifts were opened for skiing on 9 August 1980 as the fourth of 5 Tirolean glacier ski areas. In 1991 the Fendels mountain cableway, which was developed with the Hammerlift in 1966, was integrated into the company.

Key figures

Total investment up to 2020: approx. Euro 52 million
Number of employees: 80


Kaunertaler Glacier

1980 Weisseeferner I
1980 Karlesspitz lift
1981 SB Wiesejaggl (dismantled in 2003, because due to melting of the permafrost too much space developed between the cable and ground and operating permission was refused)
1983/1984 Expansion of the east lakeside road
1989 Nörderjochlift I and Nörderjochlift II Construction of the drinking water system/deep wells for glacier restaurants
1991 Ochsenalmbahn II
1994 Ochsenalmbahn I
1994 Erection of the Gasex avalanche control system along the Glacier Road
1996 Construction of the Ochsenalm restaurant
1997 Falginlift
1997 Construction of the avalanche gallery on the west lakeside road
1998 Weisseeferner II
1998 Expansion of the gasex avalanche control system
1998 Extension of the Ochsenalm restaurant
1998 Construction of the ski and snowboard test center at the glacier parking lot

2001 until now
2001 Snowmaking system implement – Ochsenalmbahn I
2002 Snowmaking system implement – Ochsenalmbahn II plus construction of a pumping station
2003 Renovation and restoration of the glacier restaurant
2003 Construction of the umbrella bar on the terrace of the glacier restaurant
2003 Expansion of the car park at the Ochsenalmbahn bottom station
2005 Electrification (replacement of diesel engines)
2006 Glassfibre cabling from the valley to the glacier restaurant
2007 Construction of the adventure playground at the glacier restaurant Weissee
2008 Construction 8-person Karlesjoch cable car with heated seats
2009 Expansion of the snowmaking facility
2010 Observation platform at the top station of the Karlesjochbahn – view over three countries; Expansion of the children’s playground at the glacier restaurant
2019 Construction Falginjochbahn 3.113 m – Austrias first 100er Funifor gondola


1990 Conversion Hammerlift (was the first lift in Fendels in 1966)
1990 Takeover of the Fendels lift operating company by Kaunertaler Gletscherbahnen GmbH
1992 Four person chairlift Fendels
1992 Laying Sattelboden lift
1992 Snowmaking equipment valley run Sattelbodenlift
1993 Construction of the restaurant Sattelklause
1996 Extension of the snowmaking plant Planggerlift
1997 EUB Ried
1997 Zinggelift
1998 Enlargement of the restaurant Sattelklause
2001 Bibilift
2005 Expansion of the snowmaking system
2007 Construction of the waterpark and a water treatment facility on Sattelboden at the restaurant Sattelklause
2008 Expansion of the playground at the Sattelklause, construction of a tree house
2009 Extension of the ski slopes
2010 Extension Sattelklause playground, suspension bridge between the tree tops and house
2011 Expansion of the snowmaking system at the southern slope and pumping station
2014 Conversion of diesel units to drive cable cars to electricity
2017 Construction of the middle exit Planggerlift
2018 Expansion of the Snowpark – Kidspark Fendels
2020 Construction of forest bathing path and barefoot path with Patschlift on Sattelboden

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