Toll tariffs

  • 1-day ticket 25,-
  • 14-day ticket 40,-

Prices valid for cars and minibuses up to max. 5 people, for each additional person the personal toll is charged. Rent and loan vehicles can only buy the day ticket. In the case of a mixed car (skier and pedestrian), the personal toll will be collected for pedestrians.

  • 7,- toll per person / day

The bus tariff is based on the people actually transported, the bus driver and tour guide are free. A condition for this, however, is that the cashier has the opportunity to check this information. If the specified number of people is incorrect, the group price will be calculated for the number of seats specified in the admission certificate.

  • 1-day ticket: 15,-
  • 14-day ticket: 23,-
    Prices valid per motorcycle (max. 2 people)
  • 1-day ticket-combi ticket (toll + gondola ride): 29,-
    Price valid per person

Security advice

The Kaunertal Glacier Road is a high mountain road at 2,750 m and is open for you 365 days a year. The road service is regularly on duty, but in the autumn and winter months it is advisable to drive on the road only with winter suitable vehicles (winter tires, snow chains).

You can find current information about the Kaunertal Glacier Road HERE.

other indications

The toll is only charged for non-skiers! All skiers with a valid ski pass can use the toll road for free!

  • For buses – bus drivers and tour guides drive & eat free of charge
  • The toll is valid for both outward and return journey.
  • Rental and hire cars can only purchase the day toll card.
  • In the case of a mixed car (skier and pedestrian), pedestrians pay the passenger toll
  • Action: with personal toll, children and young people up to 8 years drive free of charge.
  • The toll cards are not transferable.
  • Alternatively you can also use our free ski bus

Explore the summer mountain world of the Kaunertal well-informed

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