Park overview

KTO & Fallruns - Overview

09 OCT - 28 NOV // Fallruns at Snowpark Kaunertal

During springtime we call it SPRING CLASSICS, in fall it’s the FALLRUNS here at Snowpark Kaunertal. After the glacier openings are all over and the peaks of the alps are more and more covered with the white gold the stoke is getting real in the scene but the real winter season is still sleeping.
While the fall time is known as a period of drought with only a few glacier snowparks opened we are going all in here at Snowpark Kaunertal to provide you the best FALLRUNS. For more than two months the Snowpark Kaunertal will welcome you with a daily fresh shaped #naturerun and with a totally new autumn-setup.
The Snowpark Kaunertal FALLRUNS are the place to be this fall!!!

Springclassics - Overview

28 MAR - 23. MAY // Spring Classics im Snowpark Kaunertal

Proudly present the new #NATURERUN extended!
With tons of snow we will create one hell of a new run from top of Karlesjochbahn down with banked elements, waves, side hits, kickers and halfmilejibline deluxe – in total 2 km of a shred!
How does this sound to you?

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