My favourite places

Lovingly marked with a red heart in the brochure and along the Kaunertal Glacier Panorama Road, we take you to particularly beautiful places in the Kaunertal mountain world. Rushing brooks, crystal clear mountain lakes or vantage points for a mountain panorama – all power places for body, mind & soul.

In the Kaunertal Swiss stone pine cinema in the middle of the light Swiss stone pine forest, all channels are available in HD and in nature. Protected by the shady green of the Swiss stone pines, you can comfortably take a seat in the open-air cinema. From this vantage point, you can let your eyes wander over the mountain landscape, just like watching a film with powerful images.

The Rifftalbach has its source at an altitude of about 2,800 m. On its way down into the valley – it flows into the Faggenbach in the Fernergarten – it passes through various landscape forms and levels: once it splashes gently as a stream through the mountain meadows and another time it rushes thunderously as a waterfall over a rocky cliff. The rushing of the water has a harmonising effect on our spirit!

The path to the hidden lake alone could become a favourite route. On the 1 hour hike to the hidden lake, the trail first leads through a delta where the Riffltalbach meanders through lush mountain meadows. Gradually the landscape becomes more barren and the path leads through huge boulders until you stand on the edge of a small yoke and the lake is crystal clear in front of you. The western shore is lined by cotton grass swaying in the wind.

The legend of the lost paradise is entwined around the Weißsee. “Once the foot of the snow-white glacier towered into the turquoise blue water, flowers bloomed in countless colours on the shore and the shepherds of the Oberberg loved this place. Lying in the sun, they dreamt of the woman from the white lake …”
A walk around the lake lasts about 20 minutes; if you start the walk around the lake to the left, it is calming; if you start it to the right, it is invigorating.

Start of the easy hike, which takes about 20 minutes, is the glacier car park at 2,750 m. At the start right next to the Glacier Restaurant you always have your destination in sight.
At the top, you can make yourself comfortable on our “Panorama bench” and view the mountain world of the Kaunertal glacier from a different angle.

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